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Integrated Disaster Management System

Information Technology plays an important role in the overall growth of any Organization. It therefore becomes the most critical element of the overall Business Continuity Management strategy. Recent incident involving global Pandemic has also emphasized upon the need for a robust and effective Integrated Disaster Recovery Management System.

Aviyen has the right expertise to assist an organization achieve its business objectives by providing a state of the art, Integrated Disaster Recovery Management System.

Document Management System

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requires ‘Control of Documents & Records’ as an important ingredient for a successful ‘Management System’, such as, QMS, ISMS, BCMS etc. Aviyen ‘Document Management System’ (DMS) is a computerized system used to store, share, track and manage documents as required by various International Standards.

It includes history tracking, where a log of the various versions created and modified by different users is recorded and stored for future reference.

Aviation - Safety Management System

Our product, Aviyen Safety Management System, is a culmination of all our expertise in this field. It is an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) inspired Safety Management System (SMS) designed to give enterprises in the Aviation Industry the ability to report, track and proactively manage their risks.

The Aviyen SMS is best suited to meet the needs and expectations of the senior management of an aviation organization/regulatory authority.

Industrial Safey Management System

Safety is considered a top priority due to its significance in safeguarding human lives and properties, especially in high-risk industrial sectors such as Oil and Gas, construction, transportation, steel manufacturing, and mining industries. These industries are plagued by workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities because of the dangerous work environments.

Aviyen SMS provides a systematic way to continuously identify and monitor hazards and control risks while maintaining assurance that these risk controls are effective.

Simplify Incident Reporting

Report and categorize hazards / incidents using a simple interface, and Aviyen automatically updates all concerned stakeholders in real-time.

Manage Risks and Controls

Proactively analyse potential rlisks, assess root causes of incidents and implement controls.

Review and Iterate

Adjust and improve your processes with timely reviews, and evaluate results with easy-to-use interactive reports.

Scale Up Business

Expand your business with seamless, fast and flexible cloud platform integration with Aviyen.

The New Standard

Go Green with Aviyen. Go Paperless with Aviyen

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